Monday, July 16, 2007

2 to go~

Finally, over the July Birthday hump!

Steven worked on his birthday, came home and promtly played in the sprinklers. Isn't that how EVERY 32 year old celebrates? Then we went to The Resturant, and had his photo taken in The Big Ass Sombrero. Classic!

Just 2 to go. The (almost 3 year old) EASY to buy for- he wants everything, and is just as happy to play with the box it came in. Then there is the (almost 11 year old) THAT is a completely different story.

It's Monday again, Stevens off working and the kids are all huddled in front of the tube. I know it's beautiful outside, but it's HOT. I don't blame them for hiding out in here.


So this week- I'm gonna... I have no idea. The usual- laundrydishesbathsdinnerreferee but nothing else too exciting. Still working on the "Christmas in July BBQ" but there really isn't much left to do. And all the B-day stuff is (mostly) sorted out and finished.

Josh and Kenny are all counting the days :)