Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine...


Its been a hellava week. Asthma doctor CONFIRMED I have asthma (duh.) "Moderate to severe chronic asthma" which means MORE steroids...More inhalers- for-ev-ah... and FINALLY the allergy tests and blood work I had been requesting for ummmm 6 months or so.

Its also Spring break for the monkees... and no work for me... sooo, I went until 3:27pm on Monday before starting to look for the hidden bottle of vanilla vodka.


Had been looking forward to the trip to the BEACH, since the beginning of March- printed out the confirmation last night-got the van packed and all the little ducks in s row... Woke up at 2:30am (of course) and started my last minute checks...

My reservation printed for the week BEFORE I MADE IT.


So emails and a phone call- at 2am... to straighten out the situation. GRRRRR. AND we are driving right into the middle of a wonderful storm-o-la. I keep hoping for a little sun shiney break thru (or woll have to suffer the Wrath of the Monkees for the 4 hours on the way back...

Oh well. Its Somewhere Else, NOT here.

Its the beach!!! Nothing is gonna rain on my parade... well, except the rain. Maybe... There better not be another Tsunami warning though- I dont think I can pack enough vodka to make THAT work for me. :) :/ :D

Sunday, March 27, 2011


For a lotto win... For a instant weight loss... for kids that mind... a self cleaning house... a caffeine IV... FOR IT TO BE WEDNESDAY ALREADY!!

Come on WEDNESDAY... a little sun would be great too :) But the rain is fine with me!