Friday, May 28, 2010

Amazing Kiddos

Of course- I have amazing kids. Absolutely!

And I am not biased at all :)

My Billy just made the HS performance choir... AND he is only a freshman...

My MacKadoo is doinging amazing at school- and can sing pretty well herself. Viks beware...

I have an amazing dancer in the making- Caden can pick up moves like nobody I know

Kayler is my designer- fabric, pencils, paper, color... this girl is creative.

Tommy boy just finished up his first year of Little League- and did great. His coach gave him the award for "best arm" - and the smile on that guys face is priceless.

JJ is loving his t-ball- and has declared himself to be "the bestest one." I would have a hard time arguing with the little man.

Claire-bear is my little drama queen- and couldn't get much cuter if she tried.

I have a pretty amazing bunch. I have a lot of them- and they amaze me every single day. I don't know how that happened- but I couldn't be prouder of them.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hear me roar~

Ok-so its been raining ALL day again, I haven't heard anything job wise, and I am a grumpy witch too.

Talk about good times!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So this morning started with a monsoon and a prayer. A prayer that th rain would keep a'coming till 6pm so I could reschedule some of the stuff that my way overbooked Wednesday had in store for me.

Mother Nature is NOT my friend.

So I go to miss EVERYHING!! I had a little league game (last of the season and I had ye to take a photo) that started at 630pm, 2 teens in their last choir concert... at 6pm, and the pick up of a feild tripping twinner sometime between 530 and 630pm. So....

Called in the Momma back-up (my mom - thanks ;) )to come to the game and take photos.... Daddy-o was coaching. Dropped the teens off at 530 and went to the warm up of the slugger. Got a call from the twinner... ran to pick her up....waited for 40minutes in the school parking lot... ran to the concert... the last 10 minutes that DIDN'T involve my spawn... and by then the baseball game was over.

Super mom my arse- I missed EVERYTHING.

Oh and the rain stopped at 4- bright and sunny, no wind... just a bunch of puddles- I shoulda been prayng for rain all season- this was the best weather we've seen all year.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Concession Stand~

Today my boy played T-ball... and I was at another field in the concession stand. I took Kenny with me- and sent Grandma to help herd the chil'in.

First of all it was JUST MOMs that volunteered ... and there were a couple of teen daughters that came too. I was COMPLETELY impressed with those girls!

Kenny was awesome. Got in an worked, laughed, helped- just really came out of her shell. 3 hours with someone I could call a friend- not just a kid I had to watch out for.

Maybe I am doing something right to have kids turn out that good ~

Or maybe shes just amazing. Definately a possibility :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

yup- another Monday.

Survived another one. Whew!

Applied for another (cross your fingers!) job... setting myself up for another rejection. At least I am used to the feeling now, right?

In other news... FB continues to be entertaining. There is SO MUCH MORE involved in being am at home momma than people (most people) realize... and I have been beyond busy- with little to show for it.

but I am starting to feel like passing my boards is possible. Not yet, but possible.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Friday was a day- like no other.

I did so much stuff it took a while for me to sit and spill! LOL

Helped my friend move... it was a 4 nurse event...and I swear I will sell everything I own before I pack up all my crap and move again. Im sure I wont- but wow. Moving sucks. I haven't had to in a while (knock on wood) but sure did come to appreciate the Army Movers.

My Friend is on her way to Michigan- By Leslie... keep in touch Lady!! and drive safe. Oh yea- BUY A KINDLE ALREADY!!!!

Came home, picked up the Teen.. and spent 3 hours at the ER. Teenage games of Leap Frog is a growing epidemic in our community. Especially when the (dork) misses the mark, flies over the kid, and slams his shoulder into concrete floor. Not broken, just sprained. And has a lovely sling to show for it.

He does have supportive friends who texted him in the ER..."hear you fell off a horse and was hurt! Good thing the Walmart greeter was there to unplug the pony before more damage could be done. Becareful!! We worry about YOU!"

Kids- sometimes they are dorks... other times they can be funnier than ... um the dorky things they do!

Rain Rain ...

So I am feeling like I have lost some of the shiney... New grad- sch-mad. Just another expensive piece of paper. BSN definately has more than one meaning.

Sitting here on a rainy day - one of many lately. ANd I can't get enough. Starting to think that Ireally do live on the wrong side of the state... the not green one. Maybe THEY would hire a new nurse?? It would make the beach commute less of an issue.

Ummmmmm Beach.....

Yesterday was pretty cool though.I was able to watch a very good Little League game (in the sunshine!!) yesterday. T hit an awesome line drive- that his teacher was there to witness- and she got so excited she yelled out "Yea Tommy!! No home work for the rest of the year!!!"

Gotta love that!!

I got to hang out with my niece too- cute little thing. Almost makes me wish I had a tiny hiney around here... then she filled her britches :)

Not a bad way to finish up the day... Then I had to ruin it by trying to study. Bad, bad bad, BAD.