Saturday, May 24, 2008

Since I last typed...

To say it has been crazy around here would be... an understatement? Pretty normal- for us? Not even beginning to scratch the surface? All of the above?

Ding- ding- ding! We have a winner!!

Well, Mothers day has come and gone- I survived. Laundry and dishes... my wash tubs runneth over. The kids have remained relatively healthy... bumps, bruises, 4-wheeler crashes, and "he hit me!"... every one is still mobile under their own power. Even if they still want mom to carry them around.

Chemistry is still blowing my mind- but I only have to deal with 1 test, 1 lab, 4 lecture days, and one final. I think I have almost enough coffee to cover that.

I got my acceptance letter into my program (pardon me while I do another little happy dance here) WITH a nice little financial help from the university (and the happy dance continues!) and all the stress and anxiety that comes with it.

OK I am in... Now I have to DO WHAT? Books, fees, requirements, forms, orientations, IMMUNIZATIONS, expectations...

Definitely need more coffee.

It's Memorial Day weekend... which means high gas prices and an overwhelming NEED to get out of town. So fuel costs be damned, off to the beach we head. In about 5 hours.

And I am still up dorking around on the computer.

Maybe TOO much coffee?

Impossible :)