Friday, December 2, 2011


So Friday night is here, I am in my PJs and very excited that I DONT HAVE TO WORK THIS WEEKEND!! Still pulling the multiple job thing- finishing up one, orienting on the other... but neither are open on the weekends! Yea me!!

I had a fantastic week- spent with my Chaotic Herd and a really great guy. Started the New Job, had 2 turkey dinners- (that I didnt have to cook!) and am feeling pretty darn spiffy.

I say as I am knocking on the wooden desk top.

The Teeners are out Ice Skating with their friends...together. THe Winter Ball is tomorrow... and so is the Lighted Parade. The weekend will be anything but calm, but it should be fun!

Looking forward to a little Christmas shopping, and crafting- and spending time with the people I heart the most. Aaaaahhhh, doesnt seem to get much better than this :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good Morning~

Wow- its really been a while! I feel a bit like a slacker for not keeping up with this- but then I remember... Im a single momma to 7 kids. HA- Guilt No More!!

I have been thinking about you though- That its way past time to update the photos- layout- overal theme in general. Positive positive positive.

Im still treading water- but its starting to feel like its getting a little easier. A little wiggle room. A little stability- or at least stable within the constructs of my chaotic little world!

So, after a bumpy bit of road- I think I am finally getting my groove back. Keep you fingers crossed and I will continue smiling. :)

So brief overview... I still have seven, yes. SEVEN kids... sometimes it feels more like 20 or so- and there are quite a few of the kids' friends I wouldnt mind adopting. There are lots of great kids out there- and they crack me up! Work is going well- although there are lots of recent changes. Not working at the Nursing Home, or the Hospital any longer. Still at the School District, but ws offered a full time job with benefits- so will be leaving the School District right before Christmas. Sad to go, but excited for the new opportunity. Looking into going back to school for my Masters... Im down to 1 job from 3- so I have a free second or two!! HA! The house is still standing, the bills are gettng paid. Summer was a rogh one, but that aspect is turning around. AMEN. I have Super Awesome new friend- who likes me and all of my qurks, who makes me laugh and makes one heck of a Manwich dinner. :) Smiling is a good thing, Laughter in the house is even better. I feel healthy, empowered, appreciated, and hopeful. Things are going well (knocking on wood)- Of course there is the usual Crazy that keeps life interesting... and more about that tomorrow. Peace Out~