Thursday, March 6, 2008

Only my monkees

The Washer Dude came- he was amazing. Quick, effecitent, not scary in the usual creepy fix-it-guy way. Nice!

Evidentually my kids are genius and some how mananged to get a sock into the pump and screw the whole thing up. How you get a sock from inside the washer tub, between the part that circle and the part that doesn't.... past the pump filter, wedge inbetween the first mechanical doo-hickey and THEN get wedged into the 2nd part (the hose that leads to the drain hose....beyond reason.

But hey, if there is the slightest change possible... My monkees can acomplish it!

Unless it has anything to do with cleaning their room, or not screeching at one another- of course!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Land of Limbo~

He I sit. Once again in the dreaded Land Of Limbo. I hate this place with a passion. I shouldn't- because it is practically my permanent residence... but it still suck-eth big time.

Hubby got a raise. Yea!! And a weeks paid vacation. WHoot-woooo!! AND we got our tax refund back- so the stars appeared to align, and we start to dream of things. Wow- grown-up trip :) Seriously, WHAT was I thinking?!

I believe I have spent a combined total of 10 days away from the little monkees. EVER. It is usually a day here... maybe a couple there. Every few years or so.

And YOU thought it was hard to plan a trip WITH kids- HA! Try planning one WITHOUT them. Just another of life's little "haha in your FACE" moments.

I have been anxiously awaiting news from my nursing school- I sent off the applications, the transcripts, the fees.... and am still waiting. I don't do well with that- all possible patients is used up on the kids. Haha- I joke.

No, not really.

Just found out that people have been getting their acceptance letters for over a week now. My mail box is still empty. Don't know what to do if I am not accepted- at least I wont have the interview anxiety then, right?!

I know- always looking for the bright side. I am a source of light and positive energy.

Or not. I'm tired and frustrated.

Oh yeah- and my washer crapped out on me. Fills up fine, but won't drain. Went to the laundramat yesterday- JOY! and did 8 loads in an hour and 15 minutes. Thats a challenge without kids... and guess how many I took.

It's always something though- right?

So here I sit- stuck in the waiting game. DO I get clean clothes? DO I get into my program? DO I pass my finals? DO I really even give a poo? Not so much at the moment.

All I know is I need a break-

And wish that it weren't all such a big IF too.