Saturday, August 4, 2007


Just when I was getting on with my (not so) exciting life... getting used to the status quo... The damn college catalog shows up.

WOW- they have listed 2 classes that I need... a Biology and a Chemistry... SURPRISE!! They are scheduled AT THE SAME TIME (overlapping schedules)! It doesn't matter though, with the number of classes they have available (1 chem and 2 biology) I'm sure they will be filled up before I even have a chance to register. AGAIN.

Not like these are required, pre-requisite classes or anything. THAT EVERY ONE HAS TO TAKE!!

I don't get it. If you have a huge waiting list for a class... wouldn't you get the clue that maybe MAYBE there is a NEED FOR MORE CLASSES!?

Just another example of the universe holing a pretty in her hand, just so she can laugh at you trying to get to it.

Dammit. This is getting old.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Ahhh- TGIF

Well, after a long week of NOTHING much going on- Friday is finally here!! I did manage to set up a family website, hoping to get a lot of history... AND RECIPES out of it :) The kids... the shortest of the 7, had their check ups- shots and everything... they are awesome! The boys taught Clara that the best way to deal with the immunizations is to give a dirty look to the nurse. She did great... cried for about 10 seconds TOTAL... and was back to her normal smiley self in no time. Me, I would have whined, made faces, whimpered... and would only had submitted if an ice cream bribe was available. Actually, I DID have ice cream when we got back... But the kids are all fat and sassy... healthy with the appropriate number of bruises and bumps that come from living in the country- AND the daily trials of having a herd of brothers and sisters. Maybe I am doing something right after all. Maybe? So beyond the weekly Walmart (daily?! haha!) trips, running into a few old friends. There isn't much to write about. Man, It gets old feeling so OLD!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Aimless. Looking for direction- or meaning in my life.

Not really, just bored. I think.

Well, I think that's what you call it when you have WAY too much stuff to do, but don't have the motivation, drive, slightest interest :) in doing any of it.

Ehhh. Blahh. I just need a nap? Coffee? Project (interesting one!) College degree? Vacation? Any and or ALL of the above would be good!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Evidentually Target works as a "run into" site as well.

Either that or She is stalking me!!

but not in the creepy, freaky way. Nice to see ya S!

Random Ramblings

Walmart- I honestly think I should just set up a booth there. Or they should have designated seating areas to sit and visit with all the people you run into... that you haven't seen in years and years. Apparently Walmart is the vortex in which all lost acquaintance's suddenly re-appear. Usually all at the same time. When you are in a rush. Or the kids have to go to the bathroom. RIGHT. NOW. And always when you are standing in one of there ridiculously narrow isles.

You'd think, with all that Walmart does to get you into their store, that they would try and keep you there as long as possible. Which isn't too unpleasant if you are speaking to someone you 1)like 2)are near human 3)or are someone you haven't spoken to in awhile, but WANT TO.

Instead of the back log at the checkouts (grrr) why not toss out some benches somewhere? Maybe then we wouldn't be so bitchy about the lines. Throw in an espresso bar, and we could make a day of it there. You get most of our income anyway... might as well make us comfortable while you take it!

I ran into a couple of friends and even a few relations the other day. While I was blocking the isles. My 7 kids, her 3... plus a few in passing. Ahh- we're not fancy, people can go around us!

It is kinda of cruddy that of all places to meet up with people, it has to be at Wally-World... but at least there is a place for psycho, stir-crazy, house- bound peoples to get out. Mingle with "civilization."

And yes, I do know only crazy people shop there. Why do you think I go? And Why do you think I find people I know there?

Plus they have Frappicinos. That staves of the caffeine shimmies until real coffee can be found. **********************************************************************
In other news, Kenny and I got to go have a girls day. We haven't had much of a chance to get out on our own- usually someone in diapers needs attention. Or something.

So we went, had our nails done, She got her hair shortened...not quite as much as she wanted, but as much as I could bear to see go. Went shopping and to the Harry Potter movie.

I think I was just the driver and personal ATM.

Maybe I counted wrong. She can't be a teenager yet. Can she?! **********************************************************************
My parents have had a houseful (well, forever! But recently a bit fuller that usual!) I don't think I can remember a time when they seemed happier!

Dad and my Bro have gotten into flying remote control airplanes. Well TRYING to fly them~ And I think they are passing on the affliction.

For the past week or so, All I have heard about are the airplanes, the jokes, and how there are 5 or 6 computers and multiple cell phones up and running. At the same time. Why speak when you can IM... across the room!

The kids and I went over yesterday... comfortable chaos. Got to visit, have some burgers. Realizing again, how small a town/ world we live in.

We always considered them as family... with all the chain link connections around here... Maybe we are! ************************************************************************
Yes, Dad. Texas is purdy. But you'd better take me if you go!