Thursday, April 12, 2007

Beeee-otiful Day

Today was beautiful. A beautiful Thursday. So there wasn't much to do... with the twins in school- and Steven at work... EXCEPT to bring the glaring (and not so toned) nearly translucent- pale- even ghost like legs into the sunshine. After driving around all morning, running the never EVER ending errands- I needed, wanted, deserved, DEMANDED a break. I know- the HORROR of it all. Soon after returning home, I planted my ample back side on a blanket in the grass. The iced coffee (why yes, I live in Washington- how'd you know??) trashy novel, and cell phone- came too. Ohhhh and it was GOOD!

Being the "good Mom" that I occasionally attempt to be,- or the meanest mom on the planet if you ask my children- I invited (forced) the children at home, to join me for some fresh air and sunshine. Like it or not. Dammit. Some liked it more than others. A lot more.

Baby face came out to jump in the jumper (in the shade) that Steven hooked up on the patio. What a good Daddy!! MacKenzie still had homework, so she got to (had to?) do it in the natural sunlight. Tommy and JJ, wanted to ride their bikes, on me- but finally decided the drive way was safer. For them. Billy, having his school work finished... NATURALLY was upset at the idea of HAVING to spend the afternoon without TV, the computer, OR video games. The outrage of a near teen!!
He survived.
The MP3 player saved him from mortal boredom.

The plan was to expose my lower extremities (aka bake my poor drum sticks, which is exactly how they feel at this moment) until the twinnies bus dropped them off. Ohhh the book was good. And the kids, God love 'em- actually let me read. For more than 5 minutes. Nearly uninterrupted!! Small miracles Baby, I'll take 'em!! But all good things come with a price.

Well, because I am a good, yet flabby, Momma...the kids enjoy it, AND it tuckers the shortest ones out...we went for our afternoon walk. Things were good- the sun was still shining, birds singing, sunburn NOT burning... we were merrily on our way. HAHAHA... Coming home, THAT was a different story. The clouds rolled in, the wind picked up (just a wee bit) and the sky went dark. There may have been sprinkles... but not the good kind. Those are saved for cupcakes. Ummmm. No wonder I need to walk!
But back to the story, while the rest of the Duckies started commenting (whining) about how it was getting cold, MY THIGHS WERE ON FIRE!.
And not the good kind there, either!!-
Ouch! That's what I get for bringing the poor things out in the daylight. I should have just let them continue their vampire like habit of staying under cover in the sun. Shorts should be outlawed. At least slap a warning on them!

"Use with pasty white girl legs is hazardous to your health... and may lead uncomfortable sunburns. Dummy!!!"

Oh well, putting on the "mom jeans" won't be nearly as much fun as usual in the morning. Not only are they HIGHLY unattractive in the first place, I will also have the benefit of being HIGHLY UNCOMFORTABLE as well..... BUT the book and the coffee were good :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Why am I still stuck with the Monday feeling? It's not like anything tragic happened, or even anything noteworthy...just Blahhhhh. Well, I DID send the twins to the bus stop 2 hours early... but who can remember EVERYTHING?? Back to boring ole life I guess. The bus stop thing is somewhat typical, so it doesn't count as anything noteworthy. I am beginning to think that last week was really just some big cosmic practical joke. "hey, look how great, fantastic, wonderful, fun, ENJOYABLE life can be. See- I'll even give you a few days of great weather to go along with it. Like it? You DO?? Good- hahaha" and it's over. Kaput. No more fun for you. Back to real life. Ehhhh. What a let down! I wanna wear nice clothes! Have a nice, relaxing dinner with my hubby. Have gifts and praise lavished upon me- Hell yeah! Sign me up for a life time subscription! Beautiful weather, well behaved kids... family activities that don't self destruct, and a vehicle that causes no worries. Yup. Heaven- But NOOOOOOOOooooo- I get the budget version. Stretchy pants or Mom jeans, (SO attractive!) and dinner is usually whatever is left over on the kids' plates after spending WAY too much time figuring out what to make, making it, and hearing about how how oooky it is. ALL gifts, by LAW, must be presented in the proper manner AND be the correct make/ model/ version/ color/ size... who said it was the thought that counts? And if there is a problem, and issue, an unhappiness, it must be rectified IMMEDIATELY. ---- Right here, buddy. My bad.-----I'll get right on that, when I get a free second. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHA! Crappy (windy, cold and grey) weather, picky-picky children who think THEY have the deciding voice for all things- especially when it comes to what they should be allowed to do (eat candy for TV with the volume maxed out for example.) They also have very strong views on what they SHOULD NOT EVER have to even consider doing. Like chores. Homework. Brushing their hair. Eating dinner with utensils. Going to bed.-------- Any who, really, I shouldn't complain. I still have (most) of my hair. And it's not all grey. Yet. I do get my 30 seconds of decompression time- if I run fast enough to the bathroom to lock the door- before the pounding "mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaa" starts and the wee fingers start waving at me from under the door. I do have a hubby that comes home, daily... and actually lets (tolerates) me warming my ice-toes on his legs at night. I have a vehicle, that we all fit into, that drives...smokes, back fires etc... but it does get us where we need to get to. As long as I can afford the gas to get us there! I shouldn't complain. But I do- because when you have IT perfect, like last week was perfect... the rest seems crappy by comparison. Even if it is good, or mostly good. Or just not horrible and always remember how good it was, and keep hoping it will be that nice again. NOW. Heck, I'd even go for a good hair hour...really, I am not picky- and good refers to anything that doesn't generate screams and looks of horror from the general populace. Just a little bit of sunshine to sparkle up my grey and moody Wednesday. Anything. Maybe someone will make me brownies :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Well, we are trying to survive. What a difference a week off makes! It's like I need a vacation from the vacation. Spring Break was AMAZING. The whole lot of it. Anniversary, swimming lessons, playing hookie with Hub, and Easter. Then Monday came. It was like running face first into a brick wall- HEEEEEEEEEEEERE's LIFE! Right in the kisser. -------- And it was a Monday, Monday too. Ick- you know the the kind I mean, where things are just a little off. Like standing up after a long time sitting, and your foot feels a little funky. Things were just a little funky. ----------- It just takes a bit to get back into the swing of things. Right?? -------- Well, today seems to be better. Well, more towards the "usual" end of the spectrum anyway :) We had the Speech Class- Library- Grocery store- movie errand, and things went well. It's Taco Tuesday- again. Hubby likes the tacos, (maybe it's just the Corona and lime that go with it!) I think the rest of us are a bit burnt out on it- no, not the Corona part- but we improvise with the meal. Chicken/salsa/ cheese things and nachos seem to tide us over!! Steven's anniversary present came yesterday. The shipping was more than the present! That sucks- but seeing him enjoy the gift- A case of Peach Ne-hi soda- was well worth it. He used to have it all the time in Oklahoma and Texas... but you can't get it anywhere "over here" on the Other side the Rockies. He was still mentioning it this morning- So, from just that little bit this morning, Today is looking pretty good. So far :)

Sunday, April 8, 2007


We survived. Another holiday- my hubby saw all the baskets this morning and said... I don't think we have enough kids. 3 armfuls later... it was obvious that we have plenty! Egg hunts, baskets, frilly dresses, hats and gloves- and lots and lots of pictures. Chocolate bunnys and dinner at my parents- AND a beautiful day to go with it all. I have (many, many, an obnoxious amount) photos posted on my other site... along with ones that I took on "the Great Day." I also just put up the walk pictures and ones from Swimming too. They seem to load faster/ better on that one!