Saturday, March 14, 2009

Still pondering...

I am still THINKING about changing the picture up top... then again a trip to the ocean might be good too. I am so tired, I can't even think straight- but I do have a lot of good intentions!

I am officially on my spring break from classes which enevitably means I will be ill. Or multiple children will be. THis go round, it looks like I scored the brunt. Yea me.

But I WANTED to finish the bathroom remodel, de-clutter the garage/ closet/ everywhere, get ahead on my homework, visit with my ladies, and breathe. I would settle for breathing right now.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My turn.

Rarely does mom get a chance to whine and complain about being sick and miserable. I am sooooo wanting to take this opportunity to curl up on the couch and be waitied on by my loving children and husband. You know- not like I have taken care of them when they were feeling a little under the weather...

Yea... thats not going to happen. I will sit and whine (but nobody cares!!) and I will make my own soup, and had to buy my own 7-up. Thats just wrong!! wrong wrong wrong!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ohhh my head.

It has been a week. Thats about as nice as I can put it.

First the kids all get the crud... and the rashy that followed. I get the fever, and then feel better... but am considered contageous and am "banned" from clinical. (which means more paperwork for me)... THEN they start all over again!

1 kid with a fever, another throwing up, 2 with weird rashes and another without her voice. Me, Im curled up on the couch with a pounding headache and a stuffed up head.

We are a pathetic lot.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Confessions of a FaceBook addict

I am still trying to figure out who to blame for my newest addiction. Like coffee wasn't bad enough! FaceBook has definately gotten its grip on me.

Its kinda nice to be able to keep in touch- see whats going on, and reconnect with people from eons ago- I like the pictures and the dorky little comments. Like MySpace... but for grown ups!! This blog is nice and mainly theraputic for my insanity, but on FB I get more feedback. It gets lonesome talking to yourself all the time!!

AND it helps to keep me awake in some of the more tedious lectures :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Battle wounds

I have been fighting the Crud that has been making its rounds... but lost miserably. Spring break (for me) is next week- and usually the little virus/bacteria/ crappy bug thing nails me then. Not so lucky this time.

The kids have all had something...fever, nausea, sleeping for obnoxious amounts of time...and I finally figured out what it was. FAN-freaking-TASTIC. This is what my week off will consist of.

Yea- anything that is refered to as "Slap Face Rash" is wonderful.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Forward?

Time changes throw off the mojo. Here it is, MARCH already!! and this time change is just another reminder of how much I really am oblivious too. Way too fast- its a big blur.

I am going to have to do something about that photo up top... it makes me sad- wishing for the summer warmth... so either it comes down- or I get a trip to the beach. Even cold and rainy, a beach trip is always a good one.

Its about time to take another no-kids weekend. I would almost be happy with a few days under a rock somethere, but a trip with the hub would be dreamy. A break from reality- from homework and sick and clingy kiddos. Laundry and "whats for dinner?!"

But until I can pull one from the magic hat; I will continue my trudge, on with the tread.

Another long weekend of too much homework, no confidence in what I have learned, "what ifs" and "why did I's" can drag an exhausted woman down. And down is not a fun (or productive) place to be.

Yet here I am again.