Saturday, September 11, 2010


LOTS have happened since I last wrote here. I am now working at the local hospital, and I love it. ALL the kids are back at school- including the tiniest hiney (part day pre-school!!)and I love that too. And I am now a single mom. Not an easy thing, but I am dealing I have with it the best I can.

I have re-discovered my completely lack of tolerance for stupid, and for drama- I just don't have time for those. I have homework to check, bills to pay, and kids to love. That keeps me plenty busy~

I have also been reminded how important it is to have good friends, a great family, and lots of support- I really am a very lucky girl. Just looking at my living room surrounded by all of my 7 monkees is proof of that.

Life is full of changes, and this is just another one of those. Wish me luck...