Friday, July 13, 2007

Coming through the fog

Today is better. Knock Wood.

A long bath, a mindless novel. Actually DRINKING the coffee...All good things.

This morning there was Thunder, and Lightning. Yes, capitalize those babies... the kids get ALL. WORKED. UP.

Something different- Very Nice!

And then it rained. NOTHING ON THE PLANET is better than a nice rain after a hot and sticky (and completely CRAPPY) week.

Gotta love the rain. The cool, the smell, the new of it all.

Inhale... Exhale

Things look better already :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

and.... here we go.

Just one thing. For one thing to go right... ANYTHING!!!

I spent the last of my change on a coffee... just to turn around and spill it all over the car.

Changed the baby TWICE... and had the tabs pull off. While I turned to grab another one... she peed.

Kept quiet to keep the peace, and THAT started a conflict.


Can't keep a thought, remember ANYTHING. Nothing seems to work the way it should. Keep waiting for the next big disaster.

And still looking for a place to go scream.

But Things Will Get Better. It Will All Work Out. Everything Will Be OK.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Holding On

Ever get to the place where you feel like "If I can just hold out until..." or "After (whatever) things will get back to normal?" Just hold my breath and tread water~

Scary thing is... there is ALWAYS something coming up. Something AFTER the next something.


"Just keep swimming just keep swimming" (Dory-Finding Nemo)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mommy time out.

Just what I needed after a LONNNG weekend. A very long morning.

I swear, it's never just one child who has an issue. They ALL have to be little asses, ALL at the same time. Never in exactly the same way of course... woundn't want things to be too easy to sort out. Anyway, I don't have enough rooms in this house to seperate everyone to try and keep the peace... and if I did someone would be breathing too loudly through the walls, and a brawl would break out.

So when it rains, it usually floods.

Oh baby is it flooding.

I have already lost my temper, and sent everyone outside so I could TRY and unwind... before heads begin to roll around here. Is there a place for mom to go and just scream. For a day or three.

Like I said. I'M TRYING.

And it's all little crap that is driving me insane, so there isn't really anything I can do to change it. None of it is big, noteworthy or even anything I am able to put my finger on, just the little BS daily crap.

I must have hit my limit. Last straw and all that.

And what is most horrible- is that I was stopped in Wally-World this morning... and a lady asked if I wanted another one, mine were so "well behaved" she wished I could train hers.

I'd be laughing if I wasn't in tears.

Monday, July 9, 2007

LOOONG weekend

That was a really long weekend. The Fourth should be situated on a Thursday or a Friday- that way you have a short work week- AND the weekend doesn't get that summer vacation blahhhh.

There really is only SO much couch sitting, PlayStation playing, movie watching, Slip and Slide sliding, a body can handle before needing a break from the break.

I definitely need a break from the break. I like the quasi-structure of having certain things to do on certain days (but the flexibility to blow them off too!) Like Taco Tuesdays. Sure, tacos get a bit monotonous... but it is SO nice not to have to think about what to make for dinner! Tuesday is also Town Day... groceries, errands, library... new movie releases.

With 7 kids, the grown ups don't get out much (AT ALL. Like EVAH!) Well, as much as we would like to, and not nearly as much as the kids would like us to either. Anywho... We buy movies. LOTS of movies. We'd give Blockbuster a run.

But knowing that Tuesday= Tacos, new movie (and possible cuddle on the couch time) is something to look forward too.

Looooooong weekends- not so much. Unless you have plans to go do something. Somewhere. Ummmm like the beach, or maybe- I don't know... THE BEACH!! Long weekends are, well, LONG. The days run together, people keep asking "what time is it NOW..." and not believing that it's 9pm and still light.

Sure the together time is nice, but TOO much family one-ness... and the Funny Farm starts to look pretty durn attractive.

July is just surreal around here anyway. First there is Independence day, but the fireworks are gone in 15 minutes. my Sister, 3 kids and 1 hubby... all have birthdays. Cake overdose. Not to mention what the heck do you get for a 29ish sister, a 6 year old (Stinker), a 12 year old (in a 32 year old body), a 3 year old (ruler of the world) AND an 11 (going on 16!)year old?

Let alone when do you shop, and where do you stash the loot?

So, while I recoup from the LOooong weekend, I get to (stress) plan for the Celebrations to come.

That doesn't sound restful, does it?

Like I said, I think I need a break.