Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year~

It is the official 2008 inaugural blog. About time, huh!!

Seriously, 2008? Already? You have to be kidding!

I don't go in for the resolutions so much- I think you should really try to do the best you can, AS you can... rather than making the big "Im going to..." announcement... and then crash and burn and feel bad when the unrealistic goals are not met. Who needs the extra guilt? I'm a mom - I have plenty of guilt already!

Today, things are starting to get back to the "quasi-normalicy" that is as close to our normal as we ever hope to get to. Steven is back at work- the kids are off at school, the 2 teenies are keeping each other entertained... and I have the coffee pot a workin'. I even have a few days "open" like this before I head back to classes. It would be all peaches IF I was ready for it all, but not quite there yet. At least I have a few days to try and get situated! Ahhh- a little hope out in the universe!~

I spent the better part of the vacation trying to maintain my sanity, and balance... between the kids, the hub, the coffee, and all the holiday STUFF... my mojo was way out of wack. Surviving the vacation... I think I did that. It also happens to be the way I am looking at this new year.


I also was able to help my friend work on her essays for Pharmacy school- very cool. Lots of work, and better her than me... but I was glad I could be somewhat helpful. Now I just have to finish my Nursing Programs paperwork... Financial aid papers, taxes... and finish up (PASS) my 3 remaining pre-reqs... and that portion of my life might be under control.

Well, not a complete cause of stress. At the moment :)

One less worry is always a good thing.

Happy new year- and survival and less stress for us all!