Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh Happy Day!!!

Just booked my spring break BEACH vacation... You can't say Bea- :)ch without a smile in the middle.

It never for as long as I'd like, but its a first step towards the summer. I <3 the beach.

AND The Teenager is going to sing his little heart out on the stage at the Capitol Theater, the bunk beds are up and MADE, the sun is a shining...AHHhhhhhhh~

Momma is ONE super happy lady :)


I have no date... hahaha.

See what a little respitory medication can do to your sense of humor? NOTHING good!

Well, Friday was good... because it was Friday :) Came home to report cards and meds.. and a sick kiddo or two. Needless to say- the kids are still singing. For Now. The meds are keeping me breathing. For Now. And the sickos are doing ok... :)

Oh! I ran into an old friend yesterday, and got to visit of a little bit. Its always great to catch up, I love how all the memories come rushing back. It makes me sad that I have been out of touch with so many of them for so long. I know some pretty fantastic people... not to brag or anything :) Of course!!

It always amazes me the complete range of awesomeness that my High School friends have accomplished. Knowing them back then... who woulda thunk it, RIGHT? I know I never spent a lot of time wondering about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had it all planned out...Solid Gold Dancer- DUh!! LOL

And I am in constant awe of the directions my friends' lives went. Talking with my friend, I heard the updates on even more friends and how, from this sleepy little town they somehow became State Troopers, Artists and Wildlife Photographers, Sports Announcers, Rock Stars, Medical Professionals, Terminal Students :), Archeologists,Builders and Electricians, Teachers, Military, Graphic Novelists, Travelers, Bankers and Real Estate, AMAZING PARENTS, and the Voices for Change. As well as everything in between. I can't even begin to say how proud of them I am- haha and I thought I had a pretty amazing go of it!

Back In the Day, all that seemed to matter was Athlete, Cheerleader, Brain, Cowboy, Loser, Wannabe. How silly that all seems now. Look at all the Amazing we were missing out on?! All those labels meant nothing. Didn't even begin to give a glimpse of what and who they really were/ and are.

I can't even imagine how many options are out there, that I know I never considered- Wow. Who would have thought that Selah Could have produced such a wide variety. Makes me wonder what my kids and their group of friends are going to do- how far they will go, and how limitless their possibilities really are.

If I can just get them off the couch ;)

Friday, March 18, 2011

What happened to Thursday?

My Thursday was a blur...

Work... Boys to Grandmas, me to the hospital for another breathing test. Doc was 90% sure I didn't have asthma- and this test was supposed to rule it out for good. It was a 5 part test- and I sailed through the first two parts.. the tester even started joking how it was just an expensive waste of time. Then came the first inhale of part 3... I siezed up and couldnt breathe. The next hour I spent on the nebulizer with the tester shaking his head. Evidentually that was the fastest reaction he had ever seen.

yes, I feel quite accomplished now. AND more than a lot wired.

THEN I had to rush and pick up the girls from the house, and then the teen and friend to drop them off at the concert in town. Bought bunk beds... went to a baby shower... came home and crashed.

nebulizer hangover headache. NOT a favorite.

Kids home, bathed, bed... I think I sat down at 8... woke up at 11 with the phone ringing. Time to pick up the boys.

Home again... and couldn't sleep.

Ahhh the joys of being me.

POSITIVE NOTE... I know for POSITIVE that I have asthma... and can work on figuring out how to deal with it, instead of thinking I do..or don't.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What an Outstanding Wednesday...

not so much. Honestly, I think I have some of the best friends in the world. No matter whats going on, who or how the struggles go~ I know I can call on them to listen... Give advice...offer to avenge me (tempting!)

that is about as positive as its gonna get today....

In full disclosure here, I know I set myself up to get hurt. I know I try hard ( maybe too hard) to help people, and occassionally screw myself over in the process.

I thought I was.starting to get burned in one situation... And was prepared for that... Was able to stand up for myself, and still able tofeel like it was a ...mostly... Positive experience. In another situation, I was less prepared... So my kindness and attempted generosity, was a total "up yours... But thanks!" I knew it would come, but was still smacked upside the noggin with the turn of events.

i have 7 kids. I take that responsibility very seriously, it shades ebery single action I make, and every thought I have. I don't have the time, the energy, the patients, or the give a shit to be responsible for anyone else~

I am tired. You all don't listen. IF you ask for my advise you certainly don't hear it or take it. You argue with anything I say, until you think you hear what you were looking for in the first place.

please. Make your own choices, you (the PEOPLE) are all grown ups. If I cared, I would tell you what I thought. Just let me be~

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today my blondest daughter had a choir competition- totally not the GLEE spectacular that I think she'd like to have for a competition- but they all did great... without the costumes and the drama :) They scored a 1- (One minus) almost the best possible score, like ever (translated from teen speak). Not bad for songs in German, Italian, and Latin.

She and her brother amaze me with their singing. I am POSITIVE (see how I did that heehee) that their talent comes from me... even though I can't carry a tune in a bucket.

Pretty impressive- these little monkees of mine. Pre-tee impressive!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I keep hearing that positive thinking can change the world.

Not the "Im positive this SUCKS" kind of positive either. Thats the kind I seem to be practicing lately. And I am totally ready for a change.

New hair cut, new diet, new furniture arrangement... new outlook.

So my positive for today... hummm.

Today, I made an effort to help. I know I can't save the World, but there are things I can do to make it a little better. Today, I researched and found resources that can help- if she chooses to use them. I can't do much to fix the situation, but I can help point her in the right direction.

I have a cousin in trouble- and she's probably in more trouble than she realizes. Its sad, its hard to listen to- and its heartbreaking to know she probably wont accept the help being offered to her- especially when shes furious because its not just exactly what she wants.

She can't be with her kids right now- but they are safe. She is safe. Thats the most important thing. She has people who care about her, though she is sure that nobody does.

I am amazed how people will pull together to help. Even if its someone they don't know. I made some calls, talked to some friends... and then started to get calls- from people who wanted to help- or had information that they thought I needed.

Positive note of the day- there really are good people out there. Even when you feel the lowest there are people who care- Even if you dont know who they are.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sick and Tired~


I feel like I have a head full of cotton, a throbbing softball of pressure behind my nose, I couldn't sleep, am still wheezy- AND have the nastiest cough I can ever remember.

I wanna curl up on the couch and sleep the day away- but with seven monkees who fell TOTALLY healthy, and insist on watching and endless loop of GLEE - at maximum volume... It ain't a gonna happen.

Allergy meds. Check. Sinus decongestant. Check. Fuzzy socks, soup on the stove, bribes paid out, and ass on the couch... But Mommas don't get sick. Right??

Hoping for the best...