Saturday, August 25, 2007

Spring cleaning- A whole lot late

OK, it's supposed to be the weekend. SUPPOSED to be, Right? So how come it wasn't all "watch cartoons in your PJs?" Cookie Crisp and the smurfs, Baby!

It all started out pretty un-eventful. "So, you're going to get me that CD and bring it to work this morning- Right?"

Ummm OK. Crap. The bed was feeling pretty darn good this morning...

And it was still about 3 hours BEFORE any of the stores are even open- well, the stores that I WANT to go to on a Saturday morning. With all the kids. And with only (shiver) INSTANT COFFEE to get me there. I should be nice, it DID have caffeine... count my blessings- ewweehh!

Santa?! ESPRESSO MACHINE... please. The Kids really REALLY want me to have one. Really, it would be like a gift. To them. Honest!

So I, OF COURSE, go back to bed. Dude, it is Saturday. Oh, and I heard that somewhere, some people ACTUALLY get the opportunity to "Sleep In." Sleep in WHAT, I am not sure...But Gee. It sure sounded like a nice idea. Sleep that is. They must not have kids.

Well, when I finally dragged the mommy butt from the covers- and hollered at the sleepers to get ready to go, I spent 10 minutes looking for the eldest of the monkee herd before remembering he went to work with Daddy-O. If was probably more like 20, but this is MY blog... I will approximate whenever I feel like it makes me not look like an incompetent fool. I more than probably AM one, but you all don't need to hear about it. Much.

After I count heads (a 4th time) and laod 'em all in, I ended up heading to Wally World anyway. Dammit. Survived the trip- thankyouverymuch. Ran to Target- and still had to wait for the doors to be unlocked. JJ was SO confused- His "magic (which is pretty much the ability to command that the automatic doors OPEN on his command) was somehow faulty.

It was a lot like watching the Spiderman movie where Peter Parker is trying to figure out how to work his web~ too funny. He told me that needed 'nother brownie (doughnut) to get his powers back. He should have another one so it would work later.

That kid is ALWAYS thinking about me. How else would I get anywhere with out his magic opening the doors for me? Pass the doughnuts!

Anyway...Daddy-O and Bill got their music and breakfast- nice and early, and the monkees and I headed bak to the homestead. I (somehow) got the weird notion to clean out my "crap" from the garage... err... I mean the Shop. His Shop.

I think it may have been the fumes from the stain he was using at work. Thought like those don't usually pass through my wee mind. Maybe it was Good Coffee deprivation.

Had to have been something weird like that.

He does make some purdy purdy things out there... and has been working his tail off on the remodel- God love him. I don't know if he really thought it would take this long, be this involved, or link into other things like it has. He has the same To Do List issues that I do :)

He does need his space... and I do have a lot of stuff- I just HATE the idea of tossing it out. I mean, I must have saved it for some important reason- right? And the act of "cleaning it out" is never easy, you have to be in JUST the right frame of mind, and the stars must be alligned... the baby must be sleeping and the Daddy-O must be OFF THE PREMISES.

Nothing stops progress like someone "helping" you pitch out Your Stuff, while reminding you that you are a freak for having it in the first place.

So - after boxes and boxes (spilled boxes, WTF boxes...tripped over boxes, papercut in-between the fingers FROM The boxes...) it does look a lot better in there. And it is nice to have sorted through the mess- AND to have thinned it out. He thinks I did it for him, but really- it wasn't that bad.

But just don't tell him that.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I got the fever...

Seven birthdays down... two more to go. At least they are on the same day!!

I always thought twins were pretty cool. NEVER in a million years thought I would have my very own. In fact, when The Good Doc did the untra-sound and said there she is... OH and theres "The Other One..." I thought he was teasing.

NOPE. It was a two-fer. No history on either side, so SURPRISE!! And I have no idea if they are identical. They look alike, and are often called by each others names- but as for identical? I don't know. Don't really care. They look like sisters. But then again ALL of the little blonde monkees look like they are related. Or something. I wonder why? :)

Any way... Their Birthday isn't for a few more weeks. So I have plenty of time to sit and wait and do nothing in the way of planning until like the day (or the hour) before the cake hits the table.

But I feel like I am doing the military "hurry up and wait" thing all over again. I didn't like it so much before- and now that I am military-spouse free... (Even if the Navy wants me!) the ole Hurry Up and Wait is more than a little tired.

Hurry Up and sign up for classes, and then Wait so long for them to start you can barely remember what you signed up for in the first place.

Hurry Up and pick out what light fixture you want in the bathroom... just so you can order it and Wait for 6 weeks. Or more. Probably more.

RUN, dragging a herd of children behind you, to the nearest possible bathroom (which is on the OTHER side of the super Wally World) because the kid HAS TO PEE NOW!!!! just to get there, drop trou and wait. FOR NOTHING. 'Cause he can't go with everyone waiting for him.

Other than the Hurry and Wait Syndrome that has taken over my life... there is also the To-Do List Infection. It just keeps spreading. Like a really awful rash. I bet I am not the only one either. Its an epidemic. Mark something off your list... and before you can even feel like you accomplished anything- you realize that your list has some how gotten LONGER rather than shorter. Damn, now I am itchy too.

And there is no cure.

With the Syndrome, and the Infection- everything else seems even worse. You try and take things one step at a time- but to get THERE you have to GO HERE first, and then if you are going to GO HERE, you might as well just DO THAT too.

The But First Virus. I think this one could be the end of me. At least the tiny bit of sanity I have left. I want to paint the bathroom. BUT FIRST...
-AND when I say I, I do me HE- as in the Super-Hubby- that does most, if not ALL of this stuff. I "assist." I can fetch soda, and run to the store LIKE A PRO!

BUT FIRST I need to replace the toilet. BUT FIRST I should pull up the crappy linoleum and put down tile. BUT FIRST that sink should come out, the cabinet replaced, the ceiling leak repaired, the window swapped out... and then WHAT KIND OF LIGHT FIXTURE should I choose, and then have to wait on?

So I pick out (and order and wait) on the fixture... but now I have to add all this other crap to do to The List. Putty for the wall, paint, tape a wax ring thing, a whosit and a thingee or 3. And Beer.

Feels like I have been busy all day and it feels like nothing got done...and I have an even bigger list for tomorrow.

All of this has got me feeling a little woozy~ maybe I'll just lay down for a bit. Work on The List a little more. I AM out of coffee... and since I am just going to have to wait til morning to go back to town anyway...

Oh, But First I should go start the washer...and the laundry needs to be folded, and the kids' shoes are still in the middle of the floor, and I forgot to make lunches for tomorrow....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Busy weekend! Thank you for all the Birthday wishes... (for me and Clara too!)

Clara reached her very first birthday- and the rest of us survived it too! We had the traditional 1st birthday spaghetti dinner, and then she had a gi-normous cream puff (we had brownies and ice cream...) Little Stinker ate it like a champ, so the messy birthday pictures aren't so messy. LOVE the photos of her and her desert... she's SO dainty! Maybe she does take after me. A little. hahahaha!!! Not really, but I can dream. She does have my chinS though...

My Best-est friend surprised me with a visit- and brought cake, candles, flowers... and gifts (BAGS OF THEM) for the kids. Very smart lady, she brought OUTSIDE toys... so they could play and we could visit! She's my best friend for good reason! She lives over on the "wrong side" of the Cascades and WORKS WAY TOO MUCH... so we don't get to visit much. So any visit I get is appreciated- bunches and bunches. Not many people know what to do with someone who has a herd of kids as large as mine... so to have a buddy who knows to bring bubbles- is a treasure :) Thanks Meesh~

Steven (and I) worked on the bathroom remodel- and is almost finished. I pretty much watched the process, and ran for parts. :) It's turning out to be pretty AMAZING~ but I can't post photos till it's finished though, Bosses orders.

The kids start school (here at home) on Monday, I go back to class in Mid-September (one of the last four I need to get into the Nursing program. Horray!) VERY excited to get some "mommy around adults" time. Ahhhh, grown ups!! Just one class, but it's a start!

Everyone around her is (for the most part!) doing well, staying healthy and out of too much trouble.

So Far.

Knock wood!