Friday, March 30, 2007

Daily Life

Around here, there is never a 'normal' day. I would go so far as to say normal doesn't come into our vocabulary on a regular basis. I have relatively good kids. Exceptionally well behaved at times. Especially in public, or within a few days of a gift giving holiday. Or holiday that they think gifts should be given. Like Tuesdays. Their good behavior, or the facsimile of, does not always come back home with them. My children could win Oscars, Emmys, maybe even a Tony for their public preformances. I can hear their acceptance speeches- "I would like to thank my family, for all the practice in fooling the world into believing any of us had manners!" Ha! If you only knew~~ Lately, my little duckies, have decided to see just exactly how far they could push their poor old mother (ME!!!) before I need to be carted off. Sometimes, it doesn't seem like that cart will get here fast enough! They, of course, have decided to do it all at the same time. How considerate of them. Really. [insert child like evil laughter here.] Let's see how many buttons we can push, before the steam starts coming out of her ears- like the cartoons on Saturday mornings. Seriously, I have over-heard the conversation. For example, this week has been a doozy. A 3 1/2 foot tall shoplifter, a brush with pyromania, the bloody nose caused by airborne choo-choo train, and the near destruction (and possible heart issues) barely avoided in the damage dome to my camera finished it off. I can feel my hair turning grey. Right. Now. ...but it's Friday. The weekend is coming- the light at the end of the tunnel is inching closer. I think I can hold my breath until then. Maybe.

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