Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Peanut Butter Sandwich

2 year olds are somthing else. Nothing like 'em on the planet. Mine, is loud. Quite possibly the loudest child on the planet. Seriously, he'll give you a run for your money.
Besides being loud, he is weird. His new thing is to spontaneously burst into random, but loud, phrases. Walking through the living room? Holler "Chicken Noodle!" Driving down the freeway? "Dog Pile!!" Weird.
He has also managed to cultivate a gigantic independent streak. It's amazing that he has- because he has plenty of big brothers and sisters that try to do everything for him. More often than not, while he is screaming for them NOT TO!!!
Today, he wanted a sandwich. "NO!!! ME do it!!!!" So I let him. My camera had fresh batteries- so why not?! Full pictorial on the OTHER site-:)

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