Monday, July 23, 2007


I haven't posted in a week- Ahhh but it seems like just yeasterday!

JJ had his 3rd Birthday on Friday... He spent all day looking for "my Birthday!" but couldn't find it anywhere. He spent the day practicing putting up 3 fingers, and telling everyone he was "It my burfday, and I am dis many... wait for the fingers... tree!" FINALLY, he found "my Birthday!" ...aka all his presents. AND HIS BIKE!!!I think he enjoyed it! Then we had the Christmas in July BBq... Since we have A HERD of July birthdays we have a BBq on one weekend, and do a group birthday thing. Good kids, GREAT STEAK, lots and LOTS of water fights. It's enough to about wear a body out. Lots of fun, lots of busy...One Birthday left this month... Which is good- A little birthday cake goes a LONG way!

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