Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another FANTASTIC Monday...err Tuesday... whatever.

Tuesdays that are "Mondays" are the WORST!

The Dr appointment I THOUGHT was at 10, was at 9:30. I realized this at 9:20, so I had JUST enough time to freak out and run around like an IDIOT.

Because it's SO MUCH more to be in a pissy mood- rush around- and ALMOST be late, rather than just deal with it. It's not like I would have to sit and wait for 20 minutes- once I got there- anyway.

But I didn't... I got to wait 30 minutes :)

Straight to Walmart... AFTER my 10am self imposed cut off time. On NO coffee.


I think I might (maybe) have a small problem. It seems like coffee is becoming more and more important to me. Life is making me drink!!!

Ran into people, did the "visit in the isle" got my groceries, picked up a big box of peaches from Grandma's... AND realized that my hair was nearly forgotten in the rush to town that morning. Nice!


Came home, the kids scattered- so they weren't handy for chores and school work.

ATTEMPTED to work on the bathroom... but my "helpers" decided to help. In ways that have me wishing I had just sat my arse on the couch and eaten bonbons all day.

But THOSE adventures are for another day. When I can look back and laugh... ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It is not yet that time.

Ehhhhhhhh. Did I say that already?

At least it's Tuesday.... that means Tacos. At least I don't have to think about what to fix.

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