Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy Saturday~

Woke up- WAY TO EARLY for a weekend, but it wasn't too bad. Billy and Kenny went to work woth Daddy-O this morning, leaving me and the 5 monkee-teers to do the shopping. I figured we would ditch the usual RUN to Walmart. Haha- so we just RAN everywhere else.

Target, the book store (closed of course, ) the Dollar Store- a shorty favorite. How much crap can you fit into a cart? A LOT.

After winding our way through the store, we were ready to go. Someof us more ready than others, but that goes without saying! We were there for an hour and a half- in search of Just The Right Thing. THING being the operative word here. Crazy, but a good way to drive yourself batty in under 2 hours. A great way to remind you why you are glad Other Peoples Kids aren't yours, and repeating to yourself "If those were MY kids I'd.."

We survived the trip in under $20- which I believe is a new record for us... those little things add up fast! And on our way out of the place, tying to load up the van- the car next to us, opened up their door (on our side- :) )and proceeded to puke. A lot. All. Over.

ummmm. Pleasant.

So that is about how my whole week has been. Getting up way to early, rushing out the door to do a million different scattered things. Being surrounded by whiney people with a million questions, each desperate for my attention. RIGHT. NOW. Not quite finishing up any of the things I (should? wish? hoped?) to have done, but coming home tired and feeling like I've not done a damn thing.

Somewhere along the lines people have come to think I know something. Or have the answers. Or that somehow I am the only one ANYWHERE that can get their dinner, know where their shoe is, know where the hell to find a lymphacyte.

You all have been mis-informed. I know nothing. Am incapable of operating the stove. Don't have a clue, don't care, and should not- under the penalty of severe bodily injury- be bugged, harassed, whined too, or interrupted.

At least for a few minutes. A few minutes together, not total. If I am not asking too much. But around here, thats asking A LOT.

Well, that's good in theory anyway. Back to the grind...

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