Friday, May 30, 2008

Random Ramblings

I have been told that there are actually a few people out there- who check in on this thing...:)

And suggested I get off my lazy arse and post more often.

Being as it is, I have problems with saying "no"... (to anyone that hasn't physically come from out of me) and to high light the wisdom of the saying "be careful of what you wish for..."

Here ya go. Don't expect much, I am WAY to boring!

As a recap of yesterdays excitement, I went to Wally World- with all 5 of the shortest- to rush around and get groceries before unceremoniously dumping them off at the school for the day. Donut's are a great bribe... be good; quiet; non-whiney; human-like... and I'll give you a snack. And they monkees can eat them as they are exiting the vehicle- and the sugar won't kick in for a good few minutes. Allows for a smooth get-a-way, and the brief adoration of the soon to be sticky fingered monsters.

Came home, did the obligatory laundry/ dishes/ pick up after the morning rush. And then wonder why I bother, by the time I get home - (about 10 minutes after the kids do) the house will look nothing like the way I left it.

But I do it anyway. At least the futility is consistent... a lot like the respect, and appreciation that comes with mommy-hood.

Work on my ever present homework...with Dora and Diego in the back ground... while fielding questions from the 3 year old Jabberwocky. Every 15.7 seconds. It's amazing that I can get anything done, let alone keep up the GPA. Somehow I manage- don't ask my secret... It all boggles my mind too.

So how exactly am I supposed to be able to keep it up for another 2 years? With harder classes? And 2 Jabberwockies instead of just one?

Oh, Anxiety... without you - and coffee, who would I be??

Went to class, got the test and the lab grades back... yea for me!! Little happy dance. One lab, one quiz and one final- then I am OFFICIALLY on summer vacation. Without the laundry option.

After school the girls decided that they LOVED their messy bedroom SO SO much that they would forgo dinner (with the fam, they ate much later. In their room) and just hang out. I'd like to think it was sisterly bonding, but it might just have been a case of the lazybums. Just maybe.

The Boys, decided hammers and destruction is a better way to burn off the chili dog dinner- and spend a good chunk of the evening on dismantling the cruddy fencing in the pasture. In pure boy fashion, one ended up crying and bloodied (no stitches required!)... chalk up another scar for our side. Boys and battle wounds- doesn't get any more "real" than that.

Went to bed, woke up... and discovered that it is today.

Again, I had the intentions of walking. But the bed was cozy. The kids got ready too slowly. My leg kinda hurt. So I loaded up Claire in the pack, and we walked. But just to our bus stop, not as far as we have been walking- 7 bus stops away.

Felt guilty about my laziness for about 3 minutes. Which just happens to be about as long as it takes for me to make a mug of my fakey instant coffee. Funny how that works out! By the time I was awake enough to function and make the real coffee...the short walk guilt was completely gone.

Came back, and sat started to think of all the stuff I should be doing... more laundry, spray the damn ants again, homework, copy notes for a friend, brush my hair... maybe.

And that is pretty much what goes on around here. Bunches of nuthin'. Wrapped up in UGH. Aren't you tickled that I shared? Hello? Are you still there?

So now, I am just sitting here wasting time reading blogs, and the newspaper... avoiding the homework, and the dishes. Trying (sort of ) to plan what we should have for dinner, if my pasty white legs will ever tan, and if a coffee IV would be a feasible option.

But then what would I do with all my "I LOVE MOM" coffee cups??

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