Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why, YES

I am a slacker. Thanks for asking.

In the midst of a small anxiety fit here...I have so much I should be doing I seem to be inexplicitly immobile. The overactive brain matter is on warp speed, the body... stuck in reverse.

I place the blame on life. Marriage. Kids. Grocery lists. Gas prices. School supply shopping. Housework. Yard work. Upcoming homework. The possibility I will have to do something, freak out about what will be involved with said something, what can go wrong... how to prepare for it... and then it never happening.

Pretty much anything having to do with responsibility or growing up, 'cause you KNOW the two aren't always meaning the same thing.

I think I am tired. Not quite sure, but I think that may be the issue. My brain is definitely smoking like my vacuum cleaner with the constantly clogged tube. WAY too much bouncing around in there, it's hard to sort it out. Break it down into little bite sized pieces.

I wonder if it's possible to choke on it?

But see- THAT is how my brain is- totally off on 300 tangents, and I can't get a coherent thought out, let alone formulate a rational plan to get it off my mind. Hurry up... and wait. But firsts... catch 22's... UGH.

Any clues how to find life's "pause button?" With my luck I would end up in an I Love Lucy re-run... instead of pausing I would end up making the conveyor belt run faster (and run out of places to stash the chocolate.)

Once again, treading the water.

Between insurance phone calls, calls to the school, appointments, upcoming visits, plans, revised plans... Billy is out of town, Speech therapy is cancelled, the summer school schedule, trying to figure out the dogs glitch, bubbles, frustrations, dishes, diapers, attitudes, headaches and bad hair days... I am about fried.



Met an older lady at the post office today, she asked a question and then proceeded to apologize telling me that she was just having a Monday. I told her she wasn't alone.

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