Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shots are on me

Yup it's THAT time again. Took all my July Babies in for their immunizations... I realized I have had more children born in the month of July than most families have kids. Period.

I love my monkee herd, I really do!

Any who- we did the group thing where the Doc loads us all up in one room and thus contains us while the paper work is organized. We discussed errant goat head injuries. We discussed Wasp issues. We talked about little boys with "Al Bundy" issues.

It went surprisingly well. One follow up appointment with an eye doctor, a new eczema prescription, 9 booster shots (with NO tears) AND a crash course in how to use a bee sting kit.

Because of his apparent skill in locating, enticing and some how annoying the scary wasp factions of country living... T has developed an allergy to the little beasties. Enough so that the Doc thinks we should carry around a kit, just in case. He's not to the point of "get stung- quit breathing" but I'd feel a lot better to have it and never ever EVAH need to use it, than to need it and not have it available.

Sigh. So the kids are healthy, ornery, and otherwise perfectly near normal in nearly every way, nothing like a little extra "sumthin' somethin" to make a day memorable.

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