Saturday, August 30, 2008


School is BIG. Its big no matter if you are in 1st grade, or 3rd grade, or 8th grade. Its BIGGGGG when you are in college too.

Scary big. Sit in the corner and rock yourself BIG. 1 week into classes, 2 weeks into the single parent (while daddy-o is working out of town) thing, 3 days from the monkees ALL going back to school... BBBBIIIIGGGGGGGGG.

And I think I am stuck. There is so much I wanted to do, but didn't. So much I would rather be doing, but can't. Supplies for school I should have bought, but ran out of time. The huge stack of text books staring me down- I should studying, but its like I am frozen.

With all there is to do I can't seem to find a place to start. Its overwhelming to the point where I just want to sit and cry... I keep waiting for someone to tell me that I really shouldn't be here... that they made a mistake... Oh so sorry!!

But until they realize their mistake, I have to figure out how to keep from sinking.

One of the instructors was talking today about how the first few weeks were rough... then things would start to gel, and come together. She said until then we all had to just tread water enough to keep our heads up until then.

She must not realize how long some of us have been treading water for already.

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