Saturday, September 13, 2008

The terrible 2's

Why YES, the twinners had a birthday~ thanks for (reminding me) remembering!

They got flowers and balloons from Daddy-O, sent to their classes even!! They got a big pink birthday cake, and got to ride the bus to Grandmas for dinner.

They were spoiled by lavish displays of gifts, bling, stationary, cards, cash, and NEW SHOES!!!!

They said to make sure I wrote about the SHOES. Its all about the SHOES!!!!

I would post photos here, but that would have meant I had to remember to charge the camera, bring the camera, and USE the camera. 3 step process for a currently one step existence... Grandma saved the day :) I'll have to get copies from her~

But it was nice, and good, and they haven't lost or destroyed anything yet... so the birthday was a good one. Happy 9 my ladies~ I am scattered, but I still love ya the mostest!!

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