Saturday, March 21, 2009

I HEART FaceBook

Its like a class reunion with the people you really want to talk to! lol

Anywho- back here in "the real world" the countdown to classes has started. I was starting to enjoy the lack of RUN my usual week contained. Being able to walk the kids to the bus, or go visiting when ever... was nice. I was still obnoxiously busy- ummm still have 7 shorter-than-me people to shuffle around! But I could get used to the couch and bon-bon life. haha- like its ever been a couch and bon-bon life!!

I did get a little done, got to attend all of the kids' conferences (and survived!) had lunch with the Hubby, hung out at my moms, cleaned out the girls dresser... and dropped off a ton of stuff at Goodies. I think I probably got most of it there in the first place!

Back to the grind... and grind and grind. After I check FB one more time!!

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