Thursday, March 5, 2009

March??! FIFTH!!!

How can it be the fifth of March already?! I really dont get it. Just last week it was Christmas, and now March?!

Keep thinking I missed something when I blinked.

Spent the last few days in a haze of homework, house cleaning, clinical (more homework), baking and frantically trying to figure out where to stach all my stock piles... because company was a coming.

Honestly, we don't get manu guests... (I think the kids scare them off)but Hubby had a friend and his family stay with us while they were visiting. I was running around crazy trying to get the house ready, threaten the kids about their behavior, do my homework, go to school, be less than an incompetent hostess.

My poor crock pot"s". Yes, I have to have multiple ones... and thats just for my family. Add in 5 or so more... thats a lotta crock-pottin'.

They were great, my kids behaved, but I'm exhausted. Even my exhaustion is exhausted. Too tired to sleep is just WRONG from every direction.

Sooooo, now I am couch bound. With a fever:baby on my lap... trying to catch up with out moving more than necessary. I did get up and do laundry and dishes when she was put on the couch- but that didn't last too long. You CAN walk into the house to the kitchen... and the trail winds back to the bathroom... so we should be covered until the kids get home from school.

And these are the days of my life. Busy beyone all recognition, counting down until (my) Spring break... where I can sleep in until 6am... and the Laundry fairies come to help with the house work. Where DOES the time go?

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