Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Forward?

Time changes throw off the mojo. Here it is, MARCH already!! and this time change is just another reminder of how much I really am oblivious too. Way too fast- its a big blur.

I am going to have to do something about that photo up top... it makes me sad- wishing for the summer warmth... so either it comes down- or I get a trip to the beach. Even cold and rainy, a beach trip is always a good one.

Its about time to take another no-kids weekend. I would almost be happy with a few days under a rock somethere, but a trip with the hub would be dreamy. A break from reality- from homework and sick and clingy kiddos. Laundry and "whats for dinner?!"

But until I can pull one from the magic hat; I will continue my trudge, on with the tread.

Another long weekend of too much homework, no confidence in what I have learned, "what ifs" and "why did I's" can drag an exhausted woman down. And down is not a fun (or productive) place to be.

Yet here I am again.

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