Monday, April 6, 2009

Still hanging on

Till my fingers can't hange on any longer :)

I have 4 weeks left od school this semester. The kids are all healthy (knock knock) and I am still hanging in there. I am SOOOoooo done with school- spring break was rough. To have just enough time to start liking the less structured, not too much homework to think, spending time with the kids and just being able to breathe... and then having to jump back into the madness.

They swore that the first semester was going to be the hardest... then it would get better. I think they lied. It doesn't get better- you just get used to it!!

I am very ready for a "mom break." Just a chance to step back and be completely lazy and self absorbed... just for a few days. Try and figure out who I am, rather than just being everybodies mom. I'm a little burnt out on having to be the "responsible one" all the time. Just a night out would be a wonderful treat.

BUT until May 5 (at 3:30pm) I am stuck with the books and the paperwork... and the knowledge that I will be half way through.

AND I found out I have my scholarship renewed! Yea me- 'cause seriously... the cost of tuition and daycare and books and the extra fees and the equipment... is about $30,000 a year. With out the 'ship, I'd be up a creek.

Just another reason to get back to the text books...

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