Monday, August 17, 2009


...Are evil. I hate mine. As far back as I can remember, I have loathed the day. When I was little- I would be sick. Anxiety, nerves, what ever you wanted to call it. It all came down to me and throwing up.

Ahhh memories.

Then I grew up, and things got worse. Worse?! OH yea, worse. Any form of bad news, abandonment, major financial trauma... guess when it happened? You got it.

Yea Me. I have gotten so I HATE the dreaded day, would rather curl up and sleep through it, but I haven't been that fortunate. So I sit and wait for the next major catastrophe... hoping it will skip a year.

Cross your fingers.

I will be.

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tanya said...

I am the same. Hate the Birthday. Didn't help that my divorced parents made it a day of guilt. I never spent enough time with each of them separately on MY day. Then my mom's birthday is 2 days later so whatever she got me my gift to her could never measure up. Oh, and getting old. And having to make my own birthday cake "for the kids". Yeah I'd love to skip it.