Thursday, April 12, 2007

Beeee-otiful Day

Today was beautiful. A beautiful Thursday. So there wasn't much to do... with the twins in school- and Steven at work... EXCEPT to bring the glaring (and not so toned) nearly translucent- pale- even ghost like legs into the sunshine. After driving around all morning, running the never EVER ending errands- I needed, wanted, deserved, DEMANDED a break. I know- the HORROR of it all. Soon after returning home, I planted my ample back side on a blanket in the grass. The iced coffee (why yes, I live in Washington- how'd you know??) trashy novel, and cell phone- came too. Ohhhh and it was GOOD!

Being the "good Mom" that I occasionally attempt to be,- or the meanest mom on the planet if you ask my children- I invited (forced) the children at home, to join me for some fresh air and sunshine. Like it or not. Dammit. Some liked it more than others. A lot more.

Baby face came out to jump in the jumper (in the shade) that Steven hooked up on the patio. What a good Daddy!! MacKenzie still had homework, so she got to (had to?) do it in the natural sunlight. Tommy and JJ, wanted to ride their bikes, on me- but finally decided the drive way was safer. For them. Billy, having his school work finished... NATURALLY was upset at the idea of HAVING to spend the afternoon without TV, the computer, OR video games. The outrage of a near teen!!
He survived.
The MP3 player saved him from mortal boredom.

The plan was to expose my lower extremities (aka bake my poor drum sticks, which is exactly how they feel at this moment) until the twinnies bus dropped them off. Ohhh the book was good. And the kids, God love 'em- actually let me read. For more than 5 minutes. Nearly uninterrupted!! Small miracles Baby, I'll take 'em!! But all good things come with a price.

Well, because I am a good, yet flabby, Momma...the kids enjoy it, AND it tuckers the shortest ones out...we went for our afternoon walk. Things were good- the sun was still shining, birds singing, sunburn NOT burning... we were merrily on our way. HAHAHA... Coming home, THAT was a different story. The clouds rolled in, the wind picked up (just a wee bit) and the sky went dark. There may have been sprinkles... but not the good kind. Those are saved for cupcakes. Ummmm. No wonder I need to walk!
But back to the story, while the rest of the Duckies started commenting (whining) about how it was getting cold, MY THIGHS WERE ON FIRE!.
And not the good kind there, either!!-
Ouch! That's what I get for bringing the poor things out in the daylight. I should have just let them continue their vampire like habit of staying under cover in the sun. Shorts should be outlawed. At least slap a warning on them!

"Use with pasty white girl legs is hazardous to your health... and may lead uncomfortable sunburns. Dummy!!!"

Oh well, putting on the "mom jeans" won't be nearly as much fun as usual in the morning. Not only are they HIGHLY unattractive in the first place, I will also have the benefit of being HIGHLY UNCOMFORTABLE as well..... BUT the book and the coffee were good :)

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