Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Well, we are trying to survive. What a difference a week off makes! It's like I need a vacation from the vacation. Spring Break was AMAZING. The whole lot of it. Anniversary, swimming lessons, playing hookie with Hub, and Easter. Then Monday came. It was like running face first into a brick wall- HEEEEEEEEEEEERE's LIFE! Right in the kisser. -------- And it was a Monday, Monday too. Ick- you know the the kind I mean, where things are just a little off. Like standing up after a long time sitting, and your foot feels a little funky. Things were just a little funky. ----------- It just takes a bit to get back into the swing of things. Right?? -------- Well, today seems to be better. Well, more towards the "usual" end of the spectrum anyway :) We had the Speech Class- Library- Grocery store- movie errand, and things went well. It's Taco Tuesday- again. Hubby likes the tacos, (maybe it's just the Corona and lime that go with it!) I think the rest of us are a bit burnt out on it- no, not the Corona part- but we improvise with the meal. Chicken/salsa/ cheese things and nachos seem to tide us over!! Steven's anniversary present came yesterday. The shipping was more than the present! That sucks- but seeing him enjoy the gift- A case of Peach Ne-hi soda- was well worth it. He used to have it all the time in Oklahoma and Texas... but you can't get it anywhere "over here" on the Other side the Rockies. He was still mentioning it this morning- So, from just that little bit this morning, Today is looking pretty good. So far :)

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