Monday, May 14, 2007

Ode to Mom

An Ode to Mom

To the most amazing being on the planet
And no, I'm not talking about Janet
A woman we all love
A grey haired old woman, Daddy's Dove
Who relishes each adoring look with pride
Every child she withers with a glare as sharp as a scythe
Whose "bullshit" look befuddles the young minds
The size of her heart while caring for our sick behinds

She lets us call Grandma and friends
She knows our every thoughts and whim
She lets us play on the computer and e-mail
Billy and MacKenzie say she runs like a snail
She sends us away for sleepovers
We are thinking she just wants Daddy to rub her shoulders
She helps us out with homework

She also yells at us to help out with the squirts
She constantly hounds us to "clean our room' and "do the dishes"
To bad she has the stamina to enforce her wishes
She has worn poor Mr Hickory out
Our butts are testament to what we're writing about
She has been known to brew up a mean dish
Just ask Billy, Tommy and Josh. They are on their 6th.
Even while cooking, laundry, dishes are her everyday attributes
We cannot stop there. She even cuts hair.

So although this Ode to Mom must close
Let us say thanks for the many birthdays
and sorry about all the stretch marks- even the ones on your toes
Thanks for the bottomless bottles, and clean butts
It wasn't us mom, it was Daddy. He looks like a squrrel with a cheek full of nuts
Sorry about the headaches and migraines
Why are Tommy, Josh and Clara louder than trains?
Sorry about all of the sleepless nights and being up late
Kayler and Caden want to know if you would like another go round for old times sake
(they even have the poo ready) Doesn't THIS one make you feel great?!

We just want you to know that we all love you
Daddy loves you the mostest and says that these words
Don't do you justice or even begin to give you your due.

Here is our Ode to Mom. The greatest under the sky blue.

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