Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pre Memorial Day Madness-

All righty, we're going to try again. A few years back...we decided to go camping. It was about 5years to be exact. Steven was just getting to know us- Tommy was a cute and FAT little monkee of about 10 months old, the Twinners were 2 and a half, oh there might have been a 5 and a 7 year old there too :) I hadn't been camping in a while, and Steven had never had the...ummmm. Pleasure? Experience? The Adventure of taking short ones camping before. Ahhhh to be young and full of "good" ideas, excessive amounts of energy- AND positive thoughts. OH quit your laughing, IF YOU ARE laughing, that just shows you have done something similarly intelligent! Did I mention we went in a van. To camp in a tent. NO TOILETS or showers. We ended up driving for, what with having 5 kids under 7- and adults who only had a very vague and general sense of where we were going...seemed like an eternity. Anywho, once again- we survived. I don't know how we did, but we pulled it off. I'm not saying that there weren't rough spots... DUH we WERE camping with short people!! But aside from the van over heating and us forgetting to pack extra diapers (thank goodness I am a pack rat and had some stashed in the van!) I guess camping (and parades!) are a lot like going through labor. After the fact, you never quite remember exactly all the pain, trauma, headaches, planning, re-planning, and disasters that can (and do) go on. Sooner or later, you can only remember the "good" parts. How Billy fell in the creek and "wet his pants," how cute the twinnies were covered in melty marshmellow and chocolate. And Camping (going to the parade, having a baby.... JUST AS AN EXAMPLE DAD!!!) sound like really good ideas again. So we plan, load, and prepare... for another grand adventure :) I did remember to buy extra diapers, so please cross your fingers that I will remember to TAKE THEM with us this time!!

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