Saturday, May 26, 2007

To be... or NOT to be

Well, camping 2007 has been post poned to a date yet to be determined.
Dispite my earlier whine session, I was really getting excited about going. I don't know if it was mixed up fond memories of camping as a youth (many MANY years ago) or if it was just a lack of caffine that fogged up my brain, but I was getting (almost) as anxious as the short ones. Not as obnoxious, but anxious none the less.
I did go get all the stuff set out (and packed) and bought the requsite "camp food"- you know, you HAVE to have the "smarsh maaaaaalos" to go to the "Mooooontin." With Bill off partying with Lolo, it just wouldn'thave been the same without him. There were also the coughy runny nose issues. And a good case (cases) of the whinies that needed to be delt with here at home. Many many reasons NOT to go... but damn it, I still wish I was "out there."
BUT I know that there are more weekend out there. There is plenty of good weather ahead, AND it does present me with the opportunity to fixate and obsess and over plan and obsess :) about where to go, what to pack. Even. More.


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