Friday, June 1, 2007


All righty~
I wanna see the fireworks. And the beach, but with The Beast as it is... I'll settle for the bright lights :) Where is a good place to go, AND take the monkees with?

I know a few local yocal places, but would love to find some others as well. Heck, Where is the best place to see them ANYWHERE? I have heard Seattle, on the Sound. Oh and on the Coast... ahhhh beaches... but back to the fireworks.

Is there anyplace that does the whole Mayberry thing anymore? That would be cool~

In my twisted little Mommy brain, I'd love a (not too hot of course) beautiful sunny day, with a (not too crowded) park, a parade (lots of streamers and waving... confetti would be nice too!!) Well behaved children WHO DONT WIPE OFF THEIR SUNSCREEN!! A barbeque/ pool party... The grown ups drink festive beverages while the kids frolic in the yard. Oh, and the big ole Fireworks show. The kids could all run around with their friends playing baseball in the local sand lot ('cause the fireworks light up the sky so they can see)...I might have slipped back into movie review mode, but it WOULD be cool to have a day like they show you in the movies. ALL. THE. TIME~

Like I said, It is all in my twisted, warped Mommy Mind.

Around here, its usually sunburned children, over cooked hot dogs and soggy buns. Don't you hate it when your buns are soggy?! A quasi water fight- One kid and a hose- :) and grainy fireworks on TV.
Sad. I know. I need help.

So~ looking for a change. A little LIFE in the summer heat. So, because we DON'T have a lake house, live in Newport, or live like they do on TV... I need some ideas. Even if it is only a "possible" instead of a practical. Something to do. A place to go. Whatever~

So hit me- any ideas?

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