Friday, August 3, 2007

Ahhh- TGIF

Well, after a long week of NOTHING much going on- Friday is finally here!! I did manage to set up a family website, hoping to get a lot of history... AND RECIPES out of it :) The kids... the shortest of the 7, had their check ups- shots and everything... they are awesome! The boys taught Clara that the best way to deal with the immunizations is to give a dirty look to the nurse. She did great... cried for about 10 seconds TOTAL... and was back to her normal smiley self in no time. Me, I would have whined, made faces, whimpered... and would only had submitted if an ice cream bribe was available. Actually, I DID have ice cream when we got back... But the kids are all fat and sassy... healthy with the appropriate number of bruises and bumps that come from living in the country- AND the daily trials of having a herd of brothers and sisters. Maybe I am doing something right after all. Maybe? So beyond the weekly Walmart (daily?! haha!) trips, running into a few old friends. There isn't much to write about. Man, It gets old feeling so OLD!

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