Saturday, August 4, 2007


Just when I was getting on with my (not so) exciting life... getting used to the status quo... The damn college catalog shows up.

WOW- they have listed 2 classes that I need... a Biology and a Chemistry... SURPRISE!! They are scheduled AT THE SAME TIME (overlapping schedules)! It doesn't matter though, with the number of classes they have available (1 chem and 2 biology) I'm sure they will be filled up before I even have a chance to register. AGAIN.

Not like these are required, pre-requisite classes or anything. THAT EVERY ONE HAS TO TAKE!!

I don't get it. If you have a huge waiting list for a class... wouldn't you get the clue that maybe MAYBE there is a NEED FOR MORE CLASSES!?

Just another example of the universe holing a pretty in her hand, just so she can laugh at you trying to get to it.

Dammit. This is getting old.

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