Sunday, August 5, 2007


That's about how this weekend is going.

I finally sent the kids to their rooms... and most of them actually took a nap! It was AMAZING!

AND instead of doing the normal~ hurry up and (try to) clean the house (at least a little before the tornado's woke up) I plopped my ample arse on the couch and vegged out. For a few minutes there I might have even dozed off. Not that I would be tired or anything. Nope... NEVER.

So instead of scrubbing the floor, finishing the laundry, washing the dishes... vacuuming etc that I usually try to squeeze in during the day... PHTtttttttt.

It would be dirty again 10 minutes later anyway...and the couch looked SO soft...

I forgot the Momma Law. NO BREAKS FOR YOU!!!

SO whilst I attempted my zombie impersonation, the monkees stripped down their beds, and made tent type things ALL over in the bedrooms. Which pretty much involves draping sheets and comforters over EVERY surface of the room. Which also means ALL of the clothes in the closet were taken down carefully (thrown of the floor) and kept neat (stepped on and scattered over every square inch of carpet) where they could quickly replace them when their play was over (still on the floor, and have no intention of EVER coming close to a hanger AGAIN.)

The Nearly Potty Trained One, left me a gift in the bathroom. He tried to clean it up himself- but LORD I wish he wouldn't have! Cleaning up after a 3 year old who's cleaning up... NOT A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE.

And it was even less pleasant when Hubby came home and found the house looking even more chaotic than normal (if that is possible) and me sitting on my arse. Crap.

Bad Momma. And dinner wasn't ready and waiting either. 2 strikes.

I think I am grounded.

Well, at last check the bathroom is spic and span and ready for action once again. The clothes have migrated (the pile anyway) to the back of the closet... in the shadows... so Mom doesn't realize they weren't actually put back. Just sort of. Well, they aren't in the middle o the floor. That's a step, right? Dinner was tossed together, but edible. No one is complaining. Yet. So far, so good.

And now, I am recording this lovely weekend for all posterity.

Is it Monday yet? Weekends wear me out.

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