Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Feeling (nearly, almost, sorta, slightly?) normal again~ I don't know if it is the bathroom Re-do or the fact that the UPs Man dropped off 40,000 boxes of the kids schoolbooks... :) Schools starting back up BABY!!

Almost... Summer seemed to have gone by way faster than expected. Didn't do too much of anything, but seems like The Big Push is here.

All the stuff I wanted to get done, NEEDED to finish, start, take care of... has to be done RIGHT. NOW.

So much for the "Lazy Days" of summer. I still forget that being a mom means NEVER having a day off. Or an un-interrupted trip to the bathroom.

Oh well, I should be used to feeling like I am runing non-stop. In circles. The list of "have done" is way shorter than the list of "to do." But that pretty much sums up life~

I did have my mini break-down. With all the options available, I think I chose the lesser of the "you did WHAT?!?!" evils. When all else fails... whack the hair!

Better than running off to join the circus, and less permanant than a tatoo-

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Jeff and Michelle said...

Hi! The picture at the top of your blog looks like one of my favorite places in the San Juan Islands. Is it? Anyway, just browsing new blogs today, and found yours, hi!