Sunday, August 19, 2007

Busy weekend! Thank you for all the Birthday wishes... (for me and Clara too!)

Clara reached her very first birthday- and the rest of us survived it too! We had the traditional 1st birthday spaghetti dinner, and then she had a gi-normous cream puff (we had brownies and ice cream...) Little Stinker ate it like a champ, so the messy birthday pictures aren't so messy. LOVE the photos of her and her desert... she's SO dainty! Maybe she does take after me. A little. hahahaha!!! Not really, but I can dream. She does have my chinS though...

My Best-est friend surprised me with a visit- and brought cake, candles, flowers... and gifts (BAGS OF THEM) for the kids. Very smart lady, she brought OUTSIDE toys... so they could play and we could visit! She's my best friend for good reason! She lives over on the "wrong side" of the Cascades and WORKS WAY TOO MUCH... so we don't get to visit much. So any visit I get is appreciated- bunches and bunches. Not many people know what to do with someone who has a herd of kids as large as mine... so to have a buddy who knows to bring bubbles- is a treasure :) Thanks Meesh~

Steven (and I) worked on the bathroom remodel- and is almost finished. I pretty much watched the process, and ran for parts. :) It's turning out to be pretty AMAZING~ but I can't post photos till it's finished though, Bosses orders.

The kids start school (here at home) on Monday, I go back to class in Mid-September (one of the last four I need to get into the Nursing program. Horray!) VERY excited to get some "mommy around adults" time. Ahhhh, grown ups!! Just one class, but it's a start!

Everyone around her is (for the most part!) doing well, staying healthy and out of too much trouble.

So Far.

Knock wood!

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