Saturday, August 25, 2007

Spring cleaning- A whole lot late

OK, it's supposed to be the weekend. SUPPOSED to be, Right? So how come it wasn't all "watch cartoons in your PJs?" Cookie Crisp and the smurfs, Baby!

It all started out pretty un-eventful. "So, you're going to get me that CD and bring it to work this morning- Right?"

Ummm OK. Crap. The bed was feeling pretty darn good this morning...

And it was still about 3 hours BEFORE any of the stores are even open- well, the stores that I WANT to go to on a Saturday morning. With all the kids. And with only (shiver) INSTANT COFFEE to get me there. I should be nice, it DID have caffeine... count my blessings- ewweehh!

Santa?! ESPRESSO MACHINE... please. The Kids really REALLY want me to have one. Really, it would be like a gift. To them. Honest!

So I, OF COURSE, go back to bed. Dude, it is Saturday. Oh, and I heard that somewhere, some people ACTUALLY get the opportunity to "Sleep In." Sleep in WHAT, I am not sure...But Gee. It sure sounded like a nice idea. Sleep that is. They must not have kids.

Well, when I finally dragged the mommy butt from the covers- and hollered at the sleepers to get ready to go, I spent 10 minutes looking for the eldest of the monkee herd before remembering he went to work with Daddy-O. If was probably more like 20, but this is MY blog... I will approximate whenever I feel like it makes me not look like an incompetent fool. I more than probably AM one, but you all don't need to hear about it. Much.

After I count heads (a 4th time) and laod 'em all in, I ended up heading to Wally World anyway. Dammit. Survived the trip- thankyouverymuch. Ran to Target- and still had to wait for the doors to be unlocked. JJ was SO confused- His "magic (which is pretty much the ability to command that the automatic doors OPEN on his command) was somehow faulty.

It was a lot like watching the Spiderman movie where Peter Parker is trying to figure out how to work his web~ too funny. He told me that needed 'nother brownie (doughnut) to get his powers back. He should have another one so it would work later.

That kid is ALWAYS thinking about me. How else would I get anywhere with out his magic opening the doors for me? Pass the doughnuts!

Anyway...Daddy-O and Bill got their music and breakfast- nice and early, and the monkees and I headed bak to the homestead. I (somehow) got the weird notion to clean out my "crap" from the garage... err... I mean the Shop. His Shop.

I think it may have been the fumes from the stain he was using at work. Thought like those don't usually pass through my wee mind. Maybe it was Good Coffee deprivation.

Had to have been something weird like that.

He does make some purdy purdy things out there... and has been working his tail off on the remodel- God love him. I don't know if he really thought it would take this long, be this involved, or link into other things like it has. He has the same To Do List issues that I do :)

He does need his space... and I do have a lot of stuff- I just HATE the idea of tossing it out. I mean, I must have saved it for some important reason- right? And the act of "cleaning it out" is never easy, you have to be in JUST the right frame of mind, and the stars must be alligned... the baby must be sleeping and the Daddy-O must be OFF THE PREMISES.

Nothing stops progress like someone "helping" you pitch out Your Stuff, while reminding you that you are a freak for having it in the first place.

So - after boxes and boxes (spilled boxes, WTF boxes...tripped over boxes, papercut in-between the fingers FROM The boxes...) it does look a lot better in there. And it is nice to have sorted through the mess- AND to have thinned it out. He thinks I did it for him, but really- it wasn't that bad.

But just don't tell him that.

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Anonymous said...

I read that you wench. Thanx for getting your ummmmmm... STUFF out of MY shop!! LMAO Luf ya lots-Me