Friday, November 9, 2007


Someone mentioned that today was Friday... Are you kidding? This has been a weird week- and feels like a Wednesday. Maybe. Sorta. Like I have any sort of a weekend anyway... but still! You'd think (hope) I might be able to keep track of the days... a little bit.

Maybe its lack of sleep- I seem to have gotten into the habit of getting to bed at 10, waking up at 2- and then doing something similar to studying while the house is quiet. Any other time the house is quiet... it is TOO quiet- if you get my meaning.

So the self imposed study sessions have begun... and it's throwing off my MoJo. Like I had any mojo... but if I did- WOW would it be off.

Well, I guess the no sleep, where I am actually doing a little something- is better than not sleeping, tossing and turning, freaking out that my next Lab Exam is in 114 hours and 40 minutes, and where is the WHAT?! supposed to be????

So I am a little wacko- hyper and out the door running... plotting where my next jolt of caffeine will come from, instead of dragging the kids (and me) out to the van one by one...hoping that every one has cloths on that are clean (enough) and maybe even appropriate for school. Brushing of the hair seems to have been optional.


So really, the weird-ness factor hasn't really changed... it's just weird in a new way.

Like I wasn't weird enough to begin with.

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