Thursday, November 15, 2007

LONGEST week evah....

Ok, Monday was an Off Day... no school, for me OR the kids.

Translation... I had ALL the kids, ALL day, ALL by myself. After a weekend of them being poopy-heads (as JJ so lovingly refers to them.)

I was (and still seem to be) on the OMG I HAVE A TEST mindset.

Translation... NO SLEEP. Even less than normal. Whatever normal is. Tuesday was FREAK OUT, the test is TOMORROW!! day- always a fun and pleasant experience for all concerned.

Quit laughing. I was TRYING to be sarcastic!

Wednesday- THE TEST.

Wednesday Night... slight, YES SLIGHT!! anxiety issues over how I did on the test.

Today ... I got the results- 81% not too shabby... for all the early morning morning hours, I had BETTER have gotten a B!!

So in celebration of my B... I did a whole lotta nothing. I came home, sat on the couch and ate bon-bons. Not really- but my posterior did get a work out, and I may have even shut my eyes- for a few consecutive moments.

Did you hear that? A few moments, eyes closed... Thats more sleep than I have gotten in the past 3 weeks!!!

But it's only Thursday. There is still a whole 'nother day in week. For a short one, this seems to have gone on and on and on.... kinda like this post.

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