Wednesday, November 14, 2007

what's going on??

I think I have been off on my own little planet- or lost under laundry- for a while. Something funky, this way comes.

I have been burning the midnight oil...studying for an anatomy test. Uggggh. And while I have been straining the brain... the kids have all gone Loopy.

Loopy HOW you might ask? I don't know... every manner, courtesy, normal human thought and or reaction have mysteriously EVAPORATED from their collective consciousness.

What do you mean I am supposed to brush my hair (wear clean clothes, put a coat on in 25 degree weather...) before school?

But I was only playing in the busy street ONCE.

Ya know, when you start telling your mom the way things are going to be... IS JUST WRONG. And boy-o, now that I can actually take a nap and sleep for more than an hour or two...(hopefully) watch it monkees.

YOU, my pretties... are on notice.

Right after my nap. GGGggrrrrrrr.

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