Saturday, November 24, 2007

Post Turkey Euphoria. Or something.

My Mom in Law came and went. The kids didn't over swarm. She left with all her possessions INTACT, and survived the clutter in which I live, and hubby (barely) tolerates. So it was a nice visit :)haha!!

She even got to witness the Joy ? of the Tree decorating ritual- which includes, but is not limited to, threatening of the children (CLEAN YOUR ROOM, or you can just stay there!) Arguing about the when/ where/ who/ and how the tree, decorations, Christmas memories... are all different from how everyone else remembers. The debate over Christmas light theory (why they are always knotted up and never work. EVER.) and finally where the lights are, what should be done with the damn lights and where exactly they should go.

Ahhhhh Good times...and KEEP YOUR SISTER AWAY FROM THE TREE!!!

I think I gained a good 13 pounds. But, it was a GOOD 13 pounds, as opposed to eating 13 pounds of liver and onions. If I going to pack on the poundage, it had better be for Grandmas Banana Cream Pie. And Potatoes. And rolls. And Ma's bacon wrapped chestnuts... I think I might have added a few pounds just remembering it.

We were serenaded, for like 6 days, I mean hours :) by the "Boys" playing RockBand on the XBox. Drums, guitar, lyrics- they have skilz... pipes... they are, Something Else.

We think they set a record for the amount of time the "BOYS" have ever spent in one place, at the same time. Ever. EVER.

Lo and I braved the masses Friday morning. Wouldn't have dared it with out her- I tell ya, she is one of "those people" who leave ya smiling. Every where we went, she would leave someone with a smile. She blessed the coffee people for being open (and not busy) when we stopped by before the frenzy- and the ladies were still laughing as we pulled away. Maybe it was because she orders RETARDED coffee, or that she was willing to pay a few buck more, if that insured her Black Friday survival. But only if that was the ONLY way. She was cracking up the line waiters... and the check out ladies. And me. Just a little.

We don't get to hang out much anymore. Kinda miss the sister stuff- but Friday was a good catch up session. We giggles, drank coffee, laughed at stupid people... compared "stupid" stories and "can you believe" stories. We know some characters. I think my "stupids" are pretty good ones, but she has a few too!

Spent most of this weekend wishing I had a turkey carcass to gnaw on, and the rest of it thankful that I don't. Stressing about my Monday Test... and wishing all the kids were sleeping so I could attempt to study. Freezing my rear off. Wondering if I ordered enough of my Christmas stuff on line, where I'm going to get the rest of it, and which kidney I should offer up to pay for it all.

But mostly, I enjoyed the long weekend. So far. But I am about done. Nerves are shot. People I love, are increasingly becoming the ones I want to duct tape to the ceiling more than BREATHE.

Seriously considering a nap... so I will be awake when the monkees go down- but I have too much laundry/ dishes/ I'M HUNGRY!!!/ hey Honey did ya.... to do before that happens.

Can you burn out on the holidays before you even start wrapping stuff up? I think I am close.

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