Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pthhhhhh- the sound of decompression

I know it's been a few days. Since last we spoke, I have (nearly) completed the Christmas Cash fest... I mean shopping. I took my final in Anatomy and Physiology (and got a B out of the deal!) I have fought with the children about chores, attitudes, not stepping on your baby sister because "she likes it!!"

Why is it the closer we get to a holiday, the stupider people act- including, and ESPECIALLY my kids. I just don't get it.

I need a jolt, coffee isn't lighting the spark it used to~

Winter Blahs? Post final let down? Life?

The house is a mess, but I'll just have to clean it again later. Ditto for the Christmas decorations... sure, it would be nice to have them all out... BUT FIRST... and then I'd have to box 'em all up again later. Washing dishes? Ummmm the paper ones are looking pretty good.

Van issues (volume 732) continue, hoping all the UPS/ USPS/ DHL/ UPS/ and FedEx all make it here on time... but then big deal if they don't, right? Just more crud to walk over!

Life is a series of cycles. Like wrapping presents, I wrap... Clara IMMEDIATELY unwraps... and the process begins again. Quit laughing Pa... it's not funny yet. Give me a few days. The end of everything is just the beginning of something else.

And I am definitely running in circles this week.

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