Friday, February 8, 2008

The weak of the week~

It has certainly been a week. Lots going on, all of it monumnetally boring, dreary... not cute in the slightest.

Is it over yet?

I have discovered that migraines are attracted to Biology tests. And this is even before the all nighter study sessions to avoid the "help" of short ones who enjoy paper and pencils more than anyone should. It's also a whole lot quieter at 2:30am... if you don't account for the wind :)

So the Bio test was last night. If I failed miserably, which I have no doubt that I did, I will not be alone. We all filtered out of class, and huddled in little balls on the floor rocking, contemplaiting our collective fates. This is the last in a line of pre-reqs... and it's killing us. Slowly. Painfully. Pain-stakingly cruel.

A pause button. Please?!

But it is now (almost) the weekend... where normal people relax, and take it easy... gearing up for the week ahead. WHO are these people and where do I sign up? Weekends are when I get everything done for the next week, so I can squeeze in an hour or two of sleep... in between study sessions, calls of "MOooooooommmmmmmmmmm", and the always expected "unexpected."

It's always something, right?!

Well, I guess. Back to the grind.... but I will be day dreaming of a beach vacation. Just for sanity's sake. ~ A girls gotta have dreams!!

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