Thursday, March 6, 2008

Only my monkees

The Washer Dude came- he was amazing. Quick, effecitent, not scary in the usual creepy fix-it-guy way. Nice!

Evidentually my kids are genius and some how mananged to get a sock into the pump and screw the whole thing up. How you get a sock from inside the washer tub, between the part that circle and the part that doesn't.... past the pump filter, wedge inbetween the first mechanical doo-hickey and THEN get wedged into the 2nd part (the hose that leads to the drain hose....beyond reason.

But hey, if there is the slightest change possible... My monkees can acomplish it!

Unless it has anything to do with cleaning their room, or not screeching at one another- of course!

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