Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Land of Limbo~

He I sit. Once again in the dreaded Land Of Limbo. I hate this place with a passion. I shouldn't- because it is practically my permanent residence... but it still suck-eth big time.

Hubby got a raise. Yea!! And a weeks paid vacation. WHoot-woooo!! AND we got our tax refund back- so the stars appeared to align, and we start to dream of things. Wow- grown-up trip :) Seriously, WHAT was I thinking?!

I believe I have spent a combined total of 10 days away from the little monkees. EVER. It is usually a day here... maybe a couple there. Every few years or so.

And YOU thought it was hard to plan a trip WITH kids- HA! Try planning one WITHOUT them. Just another of life's little "haha in your FACE" moments.

I have been anxiously awaiting news from my nursing school- I sent off the applications, the transcripts, the fees.... and am still waiting. I don't do well with that- all possible patients is used up on the kids. Haha- I joke.

No, not really.

Just found out that people have been getting their acceptance letters for over a week now. My mail box is still empty. Don't know what to do if I am not accepted- at least I wont have the interview anxiety then, right?!

I know- always looking for the bright side. I am a source of light and positive energy.

Or not. I'm tired and frustrated.

Oh yeah- and my washer crapped out on me. Fills up fine, but won't drain. Went to the laundramat yesterday- JOY! and did 8 loads in an hour and 15 minutes. Thats a challenge without kids... and guess how many I took.

It's always something though- right?

So here I sit- stuck in the waiting game. DO I get clean clothes? DO I get into my program? DO I pass my finals? DO I really even give a poo? Not so much at the moment.

All I know is I need a break-

And wish that it weren't all such a big IF too.

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