Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Week in review~

Ok- its Spring break here... for the kids. I had to go back to class this week. How wrong is that?

Speaking of wrong, it snowed. TWICE. SINCE. EASTER. wrong wrong wrong.

I cleaned out 12 bags of worth of Goodwill donations. I think 98% of what I dropped off, I bought there in the first place. Once again- how wrong is that?!

My Meesh had her Pharmacy school interview... and looked STUNNING. I was notified (finally!!) that MY program deems me worthy enough to be interviewed as well. Double Hubba Hubba for that. Now I just get to stress over what to wear to it. I'm thinking lime green hot pants. Just to liven things up a little~

My Sis nailed me with an April Fools... I will smacketh her down later.

My 5 year anniversary is Saturday... and we can't decide if it's gone by fast- or if we've been together forever. Somedays it alternates, depending on the conversation :)

I did get some LOVERLY gifts... Cuisinart Baby... and Beatles music.

I am truly loved.

The Vacation is fast approaching... Feeling a little scattered, anxious, excited, nervous, excited, and AHAHAHAHAH!!!! about it. If you couldn't tell~ The Happy Dance doesn't translate very well by blog.

Just picture a tired looking, grey haired, slightly squishy lady - with a really REALLY big smile. That would be me. :)

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